Artist Karina Jo

Our magic is our birthright and I believe we are pretty fucking unlimited!

I honor your flame, my intention is to amplify the magic within all of us. We all have the power of intention. Clarifying that intention, claiming it, and acting upon it is where we truly lean into the magic that's always expanding!


Come closer to clarity with your intentions, or blast them all over your wall, just know you aren't alone in pairing aesthetic, magic, crystals, art and intention.


My name is Karina Jo, I'm 27 and living in Hot Springs, AR. I live for infusing intention, magic and energy into art and crystals. Our ability to manifest and influence the world through intention is amazing, powerful, and deserves far more attention. My life revolves around this powerful magic. I am an intuitive reader, a practicer of manifestation, a Reiki Master, a freehand Mandala Artist, and so much more. I have a quantum arsenal of gifts dedicated to expanding your vast gifts! 

There is more than enough of our worth, magic, abundance, and stellar experiences to go around. 

Enjoy it all, sweet soul!

Expand with me!