How Knowing Your Human Design Can Serve You

How Knowing Your Human Design Can Serve You

There's a style of reading that includes what looks like a combination of the chakra system, but also with loops and numbers and all sorts of details that must mean something, but what? 

Human Design can look complex, but it's because we are complex, and it is an amazing way to tap into where we naturally can zone into our own gifts along with where we naturally can gather & amplify the wisdom from others.

Those spaces where we can gather wisdom from others - can be intentional or unintentional. 

It can be serving or un-serving.

This is why knowing where we can channel the energy of other people the most helps us. It helps us focus even more specifically on where we are condition-able.


The good news is once we place observation on somewhere easily conditioned, we can now be choosey on where that conditioning is going to come from.


Beliefs impact a lot of what we even look at as possible or impossible. That changes the action we are willing to take, the boundaries we set and the time we spend. By understanding where we amplify the energy of others, we can become massively intentional with WHAT we amplify.

And that is beautiful.


Another favorite find of mine within the purpose of human design is finding those unique spots for each of us where we have an amazing excellence, but will desire for the energy to be acknowledged and amplified by others.

The reason these spaces become amazing opportunities for a shift is because we were always meant to validate these back to ourselves the most. 

Our self-validation is an act of self-love so that we continue to allow these spaces to shine. When we allow them to shine because of our own validation they actually will more successfully reach those magical humans who are meant to understand and amplify your energy and wisdom!


Human Design can help us find clarity with how we best make aligned decisions. For most, once they understand their authority they realize it has always made sense, but knowing the various ways and acknowledging our own allows for clarity in communication. Especially when making decisions with people who we value and articulating our needs to make those decisions.


Finally, the last nugget I'll include this time:

I love the self permission that comes through for what has been a superpower the whole time. To let that be as important as it is. To shake any conditioning that tried to dim your light and unique strengths. To tap into what might have felt too "easy" because it's leaning into the ways you best generate your own will and energy instead of forcing yourself to do what worked for someone else.


We are meant to operate uniquely!

We are meant to be collaborative and connected with each other.

Understanding your human design is a powerful tool to hack your centers for productivity, creativity, passion, manifestation, communication, relationships and plenty of other treasures that are unique to you.


Sending my love. 

Karina Jo

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